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Loc n Seal bags were born out of a desire to have bags with excellent puncture resistance, odor protection and that would not leak.  Other bags on the market don't really have any seal at all.  When those other bags are formed, they are cut with a hot knife and that is all the seal is.  But one look at a Loc n Seal bag and you can easily see the enormously wide seals all around the bag.

Why do I need a wide seal?

While other bags are fine for storing your goldfish snacks or packing sandwiches, these are your go-to bags for storing and freezing your meats in. If you've ever had your defrosting meats leak all over your refrigerator or counter, you know what an awful mess that can be. These bags will not leak (just make sure to close the double zipper tightly). Other bags have weak seals and leak from the corners or edges.  But with Loc n Seal bags, you can now defrost your meats and even marinate inside the bag with confidence! And with 100 times the barrier of regular freezer bags, your foods will stay fresher, longer.

But there's more!

Ever pull out a plastic bag from your cooler of melted ice and wonder how the bag filled up with water?  Us too! Well not anymore!  These bags are a must on camping trips. Place your ice inside the extra large bags and your cooler won't turn into an aquarium when the ice melts. Place food items in another Loc n Seal bag so they will stay dry while competitors' bags seem to fill up with water.

  • LEAK PROOF Design! Guaranteed not to leak!
  • The BEST bags on the market for freezing meats, fish, & veggies.
  • Excellent puncture resistance!
  • Odor proof bags are great for camping or backpacking! Great for storing and freezing your hard earned catch from fishing and hunting trips.  Store your food and wet or smelly items in these bags to evade the powerful noses of woodland creatures.
  • Made from BPA-Free, FDA food contact approved materials.